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What were Hunches



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With Hunches, Alexa can give you helpful suggestions about your connected smart devices like lights and locks. 
Alexa can also act on hunches about some devices like lights, plugs switches, locks, thermostats, robot vacuums, and water heaters. For example, Alexa can proactively turn off your lights at night if she has a hunch that everyone in the house is asleep.

The Problem

After the initial launch, our vision was to increase Hunches' precision, scale the product to be used by more appliances, and create trust in between the AI tech and the customer.

My Impact

• I designed and shipped 2 new use cases.
• I built a scalable rich feedback
   framework on both GUI and VUI and
   got multi-functional partners' buy-in. 
• Influenced product strategy on clear
   product value prop of the feature to
   better align customers' expectations.

My Role

• UX lead
• Facilitated design sprints
   across multiple orgs
• Mentored 5 UX designers

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Design Principle

New Use-case 1
Plugs & Switches Hunches for "Asleep" and "Away" scenarios

150K +

Total of users have been opted-in to the experiences.

1M +

Hunches were sent out in
8 months (125k per month)

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New Use-case 2
Leaving Home Hunches


Total of users have been opted-in to the experiences.


Hunches sent per month

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Design Principle

Rich feedback framework


Increase on AI model precision


Teams reached out for feature adoption.

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Next steps

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Voice Feedback

Free Text Input

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Design Principle

Changed Hunches value prop to align the right expectations with customers

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