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ASICO is an AI voice assistant for families with kids that is designed to integrate their daily lives. 

Why Honda?






Bring Honda’s expertise in Robotics, Automotive and AI research to Family's daily life.


Market Opportunity




Compared to current AI voice products on the market, ASICO is designed to target kids.

ASICO is a companion that assists both at home and on the go acting like another family member instead of a tool waiting for commands.


ASICO Branding





Asimo is one of the world’s most famous Robot, it is helpful, friendly and inviting character in people’s mind.

What if we bring that image to improve family driving experience for Honda automotive.

Life with ASICO


ASICO helps children transition between activities.

Get ready to head out to school

When parents are in a hurry to get out the house in the morning, ASICO knows how to speak kids language, giving them friendly nudge when needed.


ASICO is an extra helpful and playful companion for both parents and kids. 

On the way to school

Parents can give ASICO tasks such as looking after the kids or checking information.


ASICO is a good companion that kids can turn to when they feel anxious. 

After school

Asico does not try to be a parent. But ASICO knows when it’s the right time to connect kids with their parents.


ASICO bridges the “Information Gap”, and facilitates meaningful family conversation.

On the way back home

ASICO knows when it’s appropriate to join the conversation.


ASICO sensei teaches like a friend that shares knowledge with kids.

Evening in the shower

ASICO gets schedule from parents and teaches kids knowledge on the go. It provides contextual learning experience outside the school.



Form Factor


Fabrication Process

3D printed by Marco Tan